Special Needs Issues: Special Needs Planning and the Absentee Parent

Not all families come from storybooks or primetime television. Not every parent remains in his or her child’s life, which can be very painful for both the child and the other parent. This can create financial issues too, since the other parent is gone but maybe still living. This can create unique issues with special needs planning and determining eligibility for benefits. This is where a Virginia Special Needs Planning lawyer can be especially beneficial. If you’re not sure, or simply don’t know what the absentee parent has planned (if anything) here are some ways your lawyer can guide you. Find out if the other parent is alive or not. It’s entirely possible for one parent to be unaware if the other is alive or dead. As far as estate planning goes, if the absentee parent has died, they may have left an estate to which your child is an heir. This can affect your estate plans, as well as your child’s eligibility for Supplemental Security Income…

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