Slip and Fall Injuries Remain # 1 Reason For Calls to Cruise Injury Law Firms

Let’s face it, classic slip and fall injuries are still the main reason why passengers seek the help of cruise ship lawyers. New reports of passengers overboard, Carnival Cruise line flooded cabins and large vessels crashing into docks may grab the headlines, but “slip and falls” still account for the majority of calls we receive at our Miami office. Why is that? Simply…because it happens so often. Passengers fall down stairs Torn rugs trip young children Wet floors make walking tricky Crowded eating areas and greasy floors make for hazardous walking Broken tiles catch flip-flop wearers unaware …the list goes on The seemingly innocuous trips and slips can lead to bumps and bruises on the low end, broken wrists, cracked ribs and concussions on the high end — or worse. For older adults, a fall can have tremendous impact on their health. A broken hip or leg can lead to long term care and long term rehabilitation. The question our firm faces…

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