Series of Sex Charges in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Illustrate Need for Aggressive Defense

A local man known for raising money to send kids to summer camp at Lake Tahoe is now facing child porn charges in Reno, KOLOTV reported. As our Lake Tahoe defense lawyers reported recently on our Reno Criminal Attorney Blog, an aggressive defense is critical when facing sex charges. Frequently, defendants are embarrassed by the allegations and in no case is that truer than when crimes against children are involved. In this case, the defendant has been charged by a federal grand jury. His laptop computer, a desktop computer, and thumb drivers were seized as part of the investigation. The advent of computers and the Internet has led to an explosion of such cases. In some cases, a third-party has been shown responsible for downloading illicit images onto a defendant's computers. And there have been documented cases in which a computer virus or file-sharing system has been responsible. In each case, the defendant deserves the benefit of the doubt pending trial. Unfortunately, there is too often a rush to judgment. In another case involving allegations of sex crimes in Reno, a 44-year-old man is back in jail on a charge of intimidating a witness after authorities claim he had contact with a 13-year-old victim while out on bail. He is now in Washoe County Jail, FOX Reno reported. And in yet a third case in the news this week, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports a California man has been arrested in Reno by United States Marshals. He faces numerous sex charges involving a minor child. Whether in Reno or Lake Tahoe, whether in Nevada or in California, defendants deserve access to high-quality legal representation. Bitter divorces, child custody battles and bad breakups are just a few of the circumstances that can lead to false charges. Failure to fight for your rights can have devastating, life-long consequences. More than almost any other type of charge, a conviction for a sex crime will haunt you for years to come, frequently requiring registration as a sex-offender and even neighborhood notification. Sex crimes include: -Prostitution -Solicitation of Prostitution -Possession of child pornography -Sexual assault/rape -Statutory rape -Lewdness -Pandering Charges carry a wide range of penalties under California and Nevada law, from 6 months in jail for solicitation of prostitution to 15 years or more in prison for sexual assault. Many of these cases hinge on the testimony of the alleged victim and the defendant. Your best interest is unlikely to be served by providing a statement to authorities. Seeking experienced and aggressive legal representation is the best bet to protect your rights … and your freedom.

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