September 22, 2011 Colloquia/Workshops

Brooklyn Cynthia Grant Bowman (Cornell Law) presents "The New Illegitimacy: Children of Cohabiting Couples and Stepchildren." This paper is not publicly available. Cleveland-Marshall Browne Lewis (Cleveland-Marshall Law) presents "Until Death Do Us Part: Regulating and Expanding Physician Assisted Suicide." This paper is not publicly available. Columbia Olatunde Johnson (Columbia Law) presents "Beyond the Private Attorney General: Equality Directives in American Law." This paper is not publicly available. Connecticut Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv Law) presents "Pluralism and Perfectionism in Private Law." This paper is publicly available. Denver Andrew Schwartz (Colorado Law) presents "Immortal Investing and the Perpetual Corporation." This paper is not publicly available. Harvard Yair Listokin (Yale Law) Iowa Ruth Colker (OSU Law) Loyola Hari M. Osofsky (Minnesota Law) presents "Scales of Law: Rethinking Climate Change, Terrorism, and the Financial Crisis." This paper is not publicly available. Minnesota Faculty Works Mitu Gulati (Duke Law) Santa Clara Social Justice Steven Watt (ACLU Human Rights) presents "Extraordinary Rendition." This paper is not publicly available. Texas Richard S. Markovits (Texas Law) presents "The Economics of Interpreting and Applying U.S. and E.C./E.U. Antitrust Law: A Summary." This paper is not publicly available. Chad Flanders (St. Louis Law) presents "The Mutability of Public Reason" and "Public Reason and Animal Rights." These papers are not publicly available. Virginia Law and Economics Bert Huang (Columbia Law) Yale Law and Economics Naomi Lamoreaux (Yale Economics) presents "Intermediaries in the Market for Technology in the Late Ninteenth Century United States." This paper is not publicly available. This presentation is joint sponsored by Yale Legal History.

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