Sen. Harry Reid Delays Budget Vote Until 1pm Sunday

Sen. Harry Reid has decided there's no more jams to kick out tonight for the Senate. The 1:00 am vote has been postponed until 1:00 pm Sunday to give everyone more time to make bad decisions. Negotiators told National Journal that progress was made on the toughest remaining issue — a so-called trigger to ensure that spending cuts of up to $2.4 trillion would, in fact, be instituted by a special committee the debt-ceiling bills in Congress would establish. Here are the details on the 12 member Joint Commission proposal (Section 301 of H.R.2693.) The Commission must finish its report with spending cut recommendations by Nov. 23. They will be voted on by Dec. 23. No amendments will be allowed. Also, no motions to postpone or move on to other business, no motions for points of order. Translation: Reid to Republicans:[More…] Here's a thread to vent your frustration. Update via Bloomberg News: The new panel would have to act before the Thanksgiving congressional recess in late November or government programs including Defense and Medicare would face automatic, across-the-board cuts, the person said.

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