I came to Houston after Hurricane Katrina, so I could go to college and I didn't come as a "refugee". After school, I went out to a pub to have a good time with classmates and there was a group of guys that didn't go out for that reason. I suppose they were out to cause trouble and rob me based on my looks. Well, they did and like anyone else I did attempt to protect myself. In the eyes of Houston Police Dept., I was looked as the aggressor and it was finally realized I was not. It was all discovered to be premeditated by the now gang by private investigators in court. Out of 5 pending charges of Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, only 4 of them were decided to be dismissed as a plea bargain for my Conviction. I was 20 years old and I signed for deferred adjudication probation. I was young and never imagined to be in a legal battle of my life. I now realize I was only made to be a number in the conviction rate in Texas. It hurts me terribly, you can only imagine. If you met me, you would never think I was a felon. This has happened plenty of times in job interviews. I would progress through 4 simultaneously interviews and they actually love me and then the felony. this is so painful

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