Securities laws – you should follow them

Raising money is exciting. Complying with securities legislation, however, is not quite as exciting but, it is necessary. It is a pain, at the best of times, and a constant struggle between lawyers, who would like every investor in your company to fill out a fifty page document detailing exactly how risky the investment is, and their clients, who would like the money now, please. A big part of my job is seeking exemptions for my smaller clients from having to comply with the requirement to file a prospectus when they are taking in money. A prospectus is about 200 pages and $200,000 in legal fees (that’s not a price quote, to be clear – if you want more details I can put you in touch with one of my colleagues who does more work in this space). Such exemptions can be through accredited investor exemptions, family, friends and business associates exemptions, private issuer exemptions, minimum investment amount exemptions and a few other exemptions that I may be able to…

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