Section 512 Roundtable part two

Jonathan Band Library Copyright Alliance: Motherless & Mavrix show problems with moderation –including compliance w/new EU rules—threatening to remove safe harbor.Sofia Castillo Association of American Publishers: still bad.Stephen Carlisle Nova Southeastern University: has one client, a small music publisher, and can’t keep stuff down.  Red flag knowledge should come from having a full song + album cover on YouTube.Caleb Donaldson Google: DMCA is balanced and supports $6 billion of YT ad revenue to music industry alone, along with 17 million Americans selling their creativity online.Kenneth L. Doroshow Recording Industry Association of America: Not good enough. Motherless: evident problems w/takedown practice didn’t preclude safe harbor.Douglas T. Hudson Etsy: 2 million microbusinesses & creators not fully represented in these discussions.  Have seen dramatic increase in false takedowns, phishing and scamming, and other abuses. …

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