Seat Belts Save Lives

Do You Need to Find a Lawyer in Roanoke, VA? I remember when there were no laws regarding seat belt use and when the first law was passed in Virginia requiring seat belts to be worn by front seat passengers.  As research mounted supporting seat belt use and the Virginia Legislature expanded the law to include all passengers regardless of where they were seated in the vehicle and for children to use seatbelts in tandem with child safety seats.  Today, it is still a requirement and the driver of the vehicle will be charged if everyone is not properly secured. In most cases, it is still considered a secondary offense.  Although an officer can pull over a driver whom he or she believes is under the age of 18 and issue a ticket for failure to use a seatbelt as a primary offense. Why is it more important to wear your seatbelt now than it was …say 30 years ago? First of all it was important to be properly restrained in a moving vehicle 30 years ago.  Sadly,…

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