Seaman Evacuated After Suffering Burn Injuries

Burns are some of the most serious and painful injuries that maritime lawyers see. An injured crew member could be looking at spending weeks and months receiving immediate treatment for his burns and keeping infections at bay. He may also require cosmetic procedures in order to restore the appearance of the scarred skin. A 46-year-old crew member of a motor vessel had to be evacuated after he suffered burn injuries from one of the ship's boilers last month. The incident took place in January 27 on a vessel off the coast of San Francisco. The man was a crew member on board the 960-foot motor vessel, YM New Jersey. The vessel was on its way to Panama. There is no information about how the man sustained these burns. However, his injuries were considered serious. Fortunately, other crewmembers on the vessel were able to stabilize him until the Coast Guard rescue team arrived. It was a long and completed rescue effort. The man was evacuated to San Francisco, where he received medical care. He was then taken to the hospital. Maritime explosions and fires are some of the most serious accidents and injuries on a vessel. These are very often the result of poor storage and handling of inflammable materials and gases. When fuel and gas cylinders and inflammable materials are stored in confined spaces with poor ventilation, there's always the risk of an explosion, leading to burn injuries. Besides, a vessel has a number of other hazards that increases the risk of a crew member suffering burn injuries.

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