Screwed by My Public Defender

i was 14 when i got arrested for attempted threat to discharge or place destructive device to inflict bodily harm (didnt know that was a charge). what happened was i was playing my video game with my friend, then i heard arguing outside , and it was my sister so i made her go inside . My neighbor came out and started cussing at me so i told her to shut the f*ck up and slammed my door shut. 15 min later the police knocked on my door and just put my in handcuffs. i didnt know what i was getting arrested for until i was getting booked in juvi. the lady live 4 feet away from me so if i blew her apt. up then i would die. Even though i stated that my public defender told me to plea no contest i dont know why.And i did`so i got probation till im 19. i turn 18 next month 🙁

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