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Not really sure this is relevant to the discussion, but I have seen beauty in the practice of law. Truly. Just the other day, I watched a true wizard disentangle what surely would have been a fracturing spat between one party who felt undervalued and another who felt held-up. This wizard, by his manner, his aura of deep experience, his finesse, pulled both sides from the brink and avoided a mini-Armageddon. The same week, I watched a relatively young practitioner teach two much younger entrepreneurs the cost of deadlock and how to avoid it. Again, it was a lawyer who made the world run more smoothly for everyone's benefit. I don't have any data to support this idea, but my best guess is that the world could use more of these "good lawyering moments." They certainly are a thing of beauty. Something Zaring may suggest is valuable for its own sake. But I'm content with their more practical value.

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