Save Gonzales? Blame Sampson

Yesterday was a day for even more apologies and finger-pointing from the Justice Department and a tactical retreat and retrenchment from the man who now (rightly or wrongly) appears destined to be portrayed as the symbol of the ever-evolving controversy surrounding the dimissal of eight U.S. Attorneys last year. And today? Today reckons to be one of the most dramatic yet in this sorry saga as D. Kyle Sampson, Alberto Gonzales former chief of staff, testifies under oath and in public before Congress about his role in the affair. Sampson intends to tell Congress, and the rest of us, that the decision by the White House and Justice Department to fire the prosecutors was political after all, and not based upon “job performance” the way most of us would understand the way that phrase is commonly used in the context of employment duties. Political loyalty is fully part of a

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