"Salacious and unverified": Did the Memo misquote Comey on the dossier?

And so, the big question. If it was easy enough for Frey to track down what Comey actually said based on public transcripts, why does Nunes’s Memo insist on implying that Comey claimed the entire dossier was unverified? And if we can’t trust Nunes to be square with us on that, how can we trust his other claims? via hotair.com Well, it would be very foolish for Nunes to insist that the Memo was all that the United States relied upon before the FISA court if it were not at least an or the essential piece of the case. It also seems pretty unlikely to me that Comey had some smoking gun the he revealed in the in camera session of the committee. More likely he just had yet more complicated layers of this story. Haven't these guys ever read a spy novel?

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