Running On Results, With an Explanation . . .

It is bizarre to me that Matt Yglesias thinks this argument makes any POLITICAL sense: I feel like a lot of highly perceptive skilled writers tend to kind of see the problem and then take their eye off the ball. There’s obstructionism in Congress, not all of it from Republicans. And excuses don’t matter, results do. Therefore, what you need to do is devise a strategy designed to produce the best possible results given the constraints. (Emphasis supplied.) If Obama follows THIS advice, he might as well start packing his bags. The results have stunk and will stink some more through November 2012. Someone needs to be blamed for the bad results. You can't do that if you don't point out what YOUR best plan is and who is stopping you from doing it. Hell, even the "President is powerless" is a better argument than this one. As Atrios responds: The point is that what's been on the table so far isn't going to actually achieve results, if by results we mean "lowering unemployment by Nov. 2012" instead of "passing some crap through Congress that at best won't do much." [. . .] I do tend to think if you aren't going to have any results then messaging is all you have left. (Emphasis supplied.) We've pretty much reached the "messaging is all we have left" stage.

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