Roundtable: The Right of Publicity in New York, St. John’s University

An Academic Discussion of Policy Choices in Designing a Publicity/Privacy Rights Regime: Rothman, Buccafusco, & TushnetThe roundtable is on the proposed changes to NY's ROP, which are very extensive.[I didn't take notes early on, sorry, but Prof. Rothman discussed issues like transferability, postmortem rights/justifications thereof; Prof. Buccafusco worked through the statutory text and showed that the exception to the exception to the exception structure raised lots of questions such as the treatment of biopics]Bankruptcy: freely transferrable rights can be transferred involuntarily in bankruptcy. OJ Simpson: faced forced transfer of his IP, including his book, released under a cover that looked like it said “I Did It” instead of “If I Did It”Reed v. Town of Gilbert: Supreme Court announced a stringent rule applying strict scrutiny for content-based distinctions and exceptions: there has to be a compelling government interest justifying…

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