Because of our warm, sunny weather many bicyclists like to get out and enjoy our local roads. If you do decide to go for a bike ride on these roads, please keep an eye out for potentially hazardous conditions. Bicycles are particularly susceptible to road accidents because they have thin tires and are somewhat unstable. The Morgan Dramis law firm accepts cases where people have been injured while riding their bicycle. Whether you have been hit by another vehicle or injured by a road hazard, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney right away who understands the unique dangers presented to bicyclists. Some of the conditions to watch for are: Potholes- Wear and tear on the road can cause the road to crack which leads to unsafe surfaces. Sewer Grates- A bicycle's tire can get wedged between sewer grates. Some cities and counties have made improvements to sewer grates, but there are still many dangerous grates on the roads.

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