Resist Trump — Play Ball!

As the #shithole that lurks in the White House seeks to delegitimize truth, justice and the American Way, it is critical that we #resist by protesting, mobilizing and organizing.  We must insist on truth and push relentlessly for justice, but we also can't forget to celebrate the American Way — by which I mean reveling in those profoundly American institutions that cannot be tainted by that malevolent shit-gibbon who is befouling just about everything else.  For me those sacred institutions include jazz, movies and, of course, baseball.  And so spring and Spring Training could not come too soon.  Cue the Ken Burns music and read the next paragraph in a deep baritone voiceover.Spring training, like spring itself, is a time of renewal and rebirth; a time when even the lowliest team has hope for the season ahead.  Critical trades and free agent signings over the winter have bolstered the team's…

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