Researching Quiet Title in Pennsylvania

According to Black's Law Dictionary, an action in quiet title is "a proceeding to establish a plaintiff's title to land by compelling the adverse claimant to establish a claim or be forever estopped from asserting it" (Black's Law Dictionary, 10th ed. 2014).Jenkins has several resources in its collection that may be helpful when researching quiet title. Looking for forms? Dunlap Hanna, the classic Pennsylvania form book set, covers quiet title actions in chapter 193 and includes forms such as: Complaint to Compel Adverse Party to Commence Action of Ejectment; Complaint to Determine Right, Lien, Title or Interest in Land; Order Determining the Validity of a Deed; and Motion for Default Judgment to Quiet Title. Dunlap Hanna is available both in print and on the Lexis stations in the library. Other form sets may be helpful as well. In West's Pennsylvania Forms see Civil Procedure – sec. 16:10 et seq. for a selection of forms related to quiet title…

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