Reports of Two Divorces

Recently I had lunch with a client who is a very successful businessman who develops innovative businesses, starts them up, then sells them for a very nice profit. We talked about divorces where the Husband and the Wife battle each other to the point that their marital estate is devastated. We discussed why do people allow emotional decisions to cause economic destruction. As a San Diego Certified Family Law Specialist attorney I've seen divorces where will quickly compromise and settle, or, in the alternative, act out of emotion and hurt themselves regarding their property and children. Typically I hear that the family law lawyers are to blame; however this is not always, or even mostly, the case. Two news stories come to mind. One involved a very bitter, angry and devastating divorce as reported in detail by journalist Lisa Kroll for Forbes. She summarizes the story of Mr. Blixseth, who was worth 1.3 billion in 2007 then became engaged in a 2008 divorce that became a battle royal over money and businesses. This battle set off a chain reaction of bankruptcy, investigations and other problems which all had their Genesis with the divorce. Then there was another story of Eva Longoria's divorce (which was covered by this Blog), which was wrapped up in a timely fashion with little, if any, economic damage. Ms. Longoria (Desperate Housewives) filed for a divorce and claimed that her professional basketball Husband was having an affair.

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