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(David Bernstein) (1) Amazon is shipping the book, though its official publication date is more than a month away. Those who preordered from Amazon have already received it. (2) Larry Solum's Legal Theory Bookworm recommends the book. (3) Tim Sandefur was one of the pre-orderers, and he calls Rehabilitating Lochner "the first serious effort to put the case in its legal and historical context," and "a fair and carefully researched description of the history of the case, its consequences, and mostly of the bizarre relationship that Progressives, both past and present, have to the case." He concludes that "Bernstein's book is an important contribution to understanding not only the Lochner decision itself, but the political and jurisprudential storms that have surrounded it for a century. I recommend it highly." Tim is the author of The Right to Earn a Living, a worthy successor to Bernard Siegan's classic Economic Liberties and the Constitution. (4) You can find a video of me lecturing about Rehabilitating Lochner to an audience of libertarian undergrads here. (5) If you scroll down this page, you will find a podcast of me discussing the book at the University of Chicago Law School, with comments by Professor Gerald Rosenberg. (6) Some VC readers have inquired about a Kindle edition. There will be one, but I'v heard that Amazon is known for dragging its feet on bringing these out for books that aren't best-sellers, so it may be a while. UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame writes: "David Bernstein's Rehabilitating Lochner is now shipping. I'm writing a review of it right now, and it's excellent; Bernstein makes clear that Lochner was pretty much the opposite of how it has been portrayed in the progressive narrative."

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