Regulatory Recap: January 31 to February 6, 2011

Each week, RegBlog will provide a list of selected news stories that we are following, along with links to fuller RegBlog stories, when available. Here is our first Regulatory Recap: Effort to repeal health care law fails in the Senate, though the law still faces questions of constitutionality in the courts Could requiring insurers to pay for contraceptives under health care law violate religious employers' "rights of conscience?" Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission releases a politically divided report that places blame for the financial crisis on both regulators and financial institutions Penn Law Professor David Skeel analyzes ability of Dodd-Frank Act to prevent another financial crisis Proposed SEC rule would require derivatives to have transparent prices and to be traded more openly EPA announces plans to regulate perchlorate under the Safe Drinking Water Act EPA proposes final policy to involve Indian Tribes in developing policies that affect them Proposed legislation in House intended to nullify EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gases (see related RegBlog post) FDA rejects diet drug, cites need for long-term study Food traceability noted as a challenge for food industry, opportunity for technology firms (see related RegBlog post) Department of Interior rolls out new protections for its scientists, researchers, and whistle-blowers Obama proposes ending oil subsidies, and meets significant resistance Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) reintroduces REINS Act in the House, attempting to regain Congressional regulatory power First steps taken towards meeting Obama's goal, announced in his State of the Union address, to reorganize the federal government (see related RegBlog post)

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