Red Sox Sink, Patriots Swim

The Red Sox have lost 13 of their last 17 games in September. A month ago they were leading their division. Then the Yankees overtook them. Now Tampa, who was a team that was 9 games back in the wild card race, is just 2 games back. It's panic time for Sox fans. The Red Sox aren't just sinking, they're melting before our eyes. Now Sox fans are forced to root for the dreaded Yankees to beat up on the Rays just so Boston can limp into the playoffs. Because even though the Sox face a series with the lowly Orioles, nothing can be taken for granted with the way Boston has been playing. Because despite the recent two World Series titles, the history of the Red Sox isn't winning: it's collapsing, choking, dying when it really matters. It's heartbreaking. ———————————— Now the Patriots, on the other hand, are used to winning. Oh sure, they've had their share of heartbreak too — like going 18- 0 in the regular season and losing in the Super Bowl. But still, the curse Boston fans associate with the Red Sox, hasn't tainted the Patriots. The Pats opened with a solid win over Miami and now a victory at home against San Diego (35 – 21). And despite what the final score reads, it wasn't an easy win. All the key breaks seemed to go to the Patriots. The Chargers would get close to scoring, and the Pats would come up with a fumble (twice), or intercept the ball (twice again) — or the defense would find a way to hold on and stop a 4th and goal from the one. There's still plenty to work to do on defense. Although they came up big when needed, the D also let the Chargers convert 10 of 12 third-down plays, and allowed Philip Rivers to complete 29 of 40 passes for 353 yards. Those figures are way too high. But the Patriots are rolling. Brady is passing like there's no tomorrow (with an NFL record 940 passing yards in the first two games). The Buffalo Bills (also 2- 0) are next week, but I'm sure that the Pats will be favored to win. Wish I could say the same thing about the Red Sox.

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