Reasons Why People Divorce: The Mysterious Case of the "Lovey-Dovey Divorce"

[Photo from] As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we never know what to expect when divorcing couples walk in the door to sign their uncontested divorce documents. What will be their reactions, or emotional state? In some divorces, the parties are understandably upset. In other divorce cases, one party, or the other, may be angry. And sometimes, they simply remain silent, or stoic. But then, there is that one case, as a divorce attorney, which I will never forget. It was the case which I call the "lovey-dovey divorce." It was a bright, sunny day–just a couple of years ago. The two parties had arrived at our law offices separately. Looking out my office window, I could see them, husband and wife, as they paused and warmly embraced, before they entered. Then, they walked into our offices, hand-in-hand, together. While going over the divorce documents, it appeared that they could not keep their hands off each other. He laughed at her witty quips. They also freely smiled at each other. In short, they looked more like excited, new lovers than a couple going through a divorce! But in spite of all their smiles and touches, and their furtive, flirting glances, they each dutifully signed the divorce documents and left! After they left, I couldn't resist my own furtive glance out the window. There, I witnessed another warm embrace. Finally, they each got into their own automobiles and drove away, separately. Why were they so happy and so warm to each other? Why were they getting a divorce? What do you think? We will never know! But this was the case of the "lovey-dovey divorce!"

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