Rapala Taunts a Monster?

Happy Mother's Day! So, it's time again to talk a little fishing billboard branding, I guess. We have enjoyed discussing Rapala billboard ads over the last couple of years, the "attracting cats" billboard, the "More hits than Google" billboard, the "Whudjagiddumon" billboard, and now the "Do you believe in monsters?" billboard. Note the upper case "G" in Google and the lower case "m" in monsters. Normally you'd think that the lower case usage would be contrary to a brand or trademark reference, but as we've seen with the growing trend toward lower case branding and visual identity, who can really tell anymore? Given that, might the notorious trademark bully Monster Cable be frightened into objecting here? If so, in my opinion, that would be taking trademark bullying to an entirely new level. For other reports on the antics of Monster Cable, check out these sources: Techdirt Jensen IT TTABLOG WebProNews PriorSmart Audioholics World Trademark Review Trademark Bully's Biggest Bully List Wikipedia Have you encountered Monster Cable in a trademark dispute before? If so, please share your experience.

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