Q2 2018 Quick Links, Part 4 (Social Media, Section 230, Defamation)

Social Media * NY Times: They Tried to Boycott Facebook, Apple and Google. They Failed * Reuters: Philippines complains Facebook fact-checkers are biased * D.R. v. D.A., 17-P-339 (Mass. App. Ct. May 8, 2018). A judge can interpret a Facebook “like” as a threat of imminent physical harm. * Harvard Business Review: How Nextdoor Addressed Racial Profiling on Its Platform * Day v. West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, No. 17-0281 (W.V. Sup. Ct. App. May 17, 2018): Police officer fired for a personal Facebook post saying he was embarrassed by his colleagues’ conduct at a citizen rally. Police officers with a conscience should be promoted, not fired * Buzzfeed: Twitter Is Going To Limit The Visibility Of Tweets From People Behaving Badly * Slate: The Great Facebook Crash: The social giant is retreating from the news business. It’s been a painful transition for publications that had come to depend on…

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