Q2 2018 Quick Links, Part 3 (Privacy, Advertising, E-Commerce)

Privacy * Financial Times: How the wealthy use privacy laws to keep out of the news. GDPR as a pro-censorship tool * Techdirt: Companies Respond to the GDPR By Blocking All EU Users  * Financial Times: Data protectionism: the growing menace to global business * Politico: ‘Too inconvenient’: Trump goes rogue on phone security * NY Times: U.S. News Outlets Block European Readers Over New Privacy Rules * Nextgov: The government’s big idea to bolster the nation’s collective cyber defense isn’t attracting private-sector participants. * Burke v. New Mexico, 2018 WL 2134030 (D. N.M. May 9, 2018) Plaintiff has failed to state a claim for violation of her Fourth Amendment right to privacy because she has no reasonable expectation of privacy in the information she shared on her CaringBridge webpage. Plaintiff’s webpage was viewable to any member of the public, so long as that person had a registered…

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