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On December 18, 2010 CBS New York reported in "Suspect Arrested In New Jersey Purse Snatchings" that police arrested a man, age 50, in connection with multiple purse-snatchings that plagued New Jersey shopping mall parking lots during the 2010 holiday season. Purse snatching is a type of assault that normally involves grabbing a person's purse and running off. Assault can result in severe criminal liability, including fines, court costs, and jail time. Purse snatching is also a type of robbery, completed in a victim's presence. Robbery can put a defendant away in prison for years. When charged with crimes or after getting in civil legal trouble, a person may think to get away with not paying any fines or monetary damages by filing bankruptcy. Before using such rash means to settle a debt, a person needs to engage an experienced California bankruptcy attorney. Not all debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy. Debts that are never dischargeable include fines, restitution and criminal penalties. These are government imposed money punishments. Examples include: (1) Fines for agency regulation violations, (2) Restitution ordered to be paid to crime victims in federal cases, (3) Fines for misdemeanors and felonies, (4) Charges for time spent in jail. Restitution for crime victims in California is money a court orders a criminal defendant to pay a victim for economic losses related to a crime. Restitution applies to economic losses like loss of wages, property damages, and medical expenses. The victim can put a lien on the defendant's real estate for the restitution amount, and use the restitution award to negotiate noneconomic and punitive damages in a civil lawsuit. DUI debt, resulting from personal injury claims for drunk driving, is also not dischargeable, though most people who get arrested for DUI do not think of themselves as criminals like a purse snatcher. A DUI charge in California can mean picking up garbage on the streets, jail time, and serious fines depending on the number of prior offenses and whether property or people were harmed during the incident. Though a person may get credit for an overnight jail stay after arrest, the fines can put a person in debt for life, but eventual bankruptcy does not wipe out the debt. Rinne Legal helps people with bankruptcies, estate planning, and loan modifications in Contra Costa County, Sacramento County and Solano County. Rinne Legal has offices in Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Sacramento and Elk Grove. Contact Rinne Legal for a free consultation. These blog posts are for informational purposes only and not intended nor should be construed as legal advice. These blog posts may be considered attorney advertising in some states. Prior results described on blog posts do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases. There is no intent to create an attorney-client privilege or relationship with anyone accessing information on this blog. Authors posting on this blog are not obligated to reply to any emails seeking legal advice. The information contained on this blog is not intended to be a solicitation.

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