Prospects for CAM Licensure Program Renewal are Excellent

As Lindsay Smith recently reported in a blog post, House Bill 19-1212 (“HB 1212”) was introduced in the Colorado General Assembly on Monday to extend the Community Association Manager (“CAM”) licensure program in Colorado, which is currently scheduled to end on the last day of June. As you may recall, a bill introduced to extend the CAM licensure program during the last legislative session, was killed in the Senate which was controlled at the time by Republicans who were looking to reduce government regulation.  As a result of the recent elections, the Senate, House and Governor’s office are now controlled by the Democrats.  That means there is a strong likelihood that HB 1212 will pass both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly and be signed into law by Governor Polis. This is great news for those CAMs and their management companies who have invested a great deal of time and money to obtain and maintain their license. …

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