Proposed Amendments to Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act

On March 8, 2011 the Iowa Senate passed S.F. 311, which amends Iowa Code Chapter 91A, Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act. Below is a list of important changes: · Employers will be required to do the following o Notify employees in writing at the time of hiring wages and regular paydays o Notify employees in writing whose wages are determined based on a task, piece, mile or load basis about the method used to calculate wages and the wages are earned o Notify at least one pay period prior to the initiation of any changes regarding calculation of pay, wages, regular paydays. The notice must be in writing. o Upon written request provide a written statement enumerating employment agreements and policies with regard to vacation pay, sick leave, reimbursement for expenses, retirement benefits, severance pay or other matters. o Failure to maintain payroll records showing hours worked, wages earned, and deductions made for each employee raises a rebuttable presumption that the employer did not pay the required minimum wage. While many of these things were included in the statute previously, the amendment eliminates the requirement that the request come from the commissioner. Now, all employers will be required to comply with this section. · Liquidated damages are available whenever an employer fails to pay wages or reimburse expenses. The amendment removes the "intentional" requirement. · The amendment explicitly prohibits retaliation against anyone for exercising their rights or assisting one in exercising their rights under this chapter. The bill now will move to the House.

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