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Here are some notable blog and twitter posts I've collected: "Do it yourself tort reform: How the Supreme Court quietly killed the class action", by Professor David S. Schwartz. Key quote: "Concepcion is the culmination of twenty-five years of Supreme Court arbitration jurisprudence that has turned the FAA into a do-it-yourself tort reform statute. By adding an arbitration clause, a would-be defendant can do away with juries, with pesky discovery into its documents or employees' testimony, and, now, with class actions." From Scotus blog. "Want efficiency? Look to the little things", by Toby Brown. In this post the author recognizes the aversion of lawyers and law firms to big changes, and therefore recommends that efficiency be pursued incrementally, in small steps. As an example, he points to software that will create a Table of Authorities for a brief, Best Authority. I'd be interested in buying Best Authority but for the pricing structure. However, this post reminded me of what a miracle it was, the first time I saw Full Authority create a table of authorities. Where's my old copy of Full Authority, and can I get it to run on Windows 7? Virginia: Civil Jury Trials Are On the Decline. " In 2000, there were 1,514 civil jury trials in Virginia. In 2009, that number declined 61 percent to only 592." This has also been true of the number of jury trials in federal courts. Lawyers' runner gets two years in prison. This was in Virginia. The Essential Cloud: Top Tools for Lawyers (from Attorneyatwork) Lexis Nexis has entered the legal document market. This is in the UK. In the U.S., LegalZoom and RocketLawyer exist, so it would be surprising if Lexis Nexis doesn't bring its product here. In D.C., there's a novel way to settle around another defendant, as recently discussed by the Court of Appeals.

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