Private and Commercial Aviation Accidents

An aviation accident lawyer is a lawyer who is experienced in both commercial and private aviation accidents. What defines a commercial aviation accident? Generally, it involves a commercial plane—a plane available to the general public. A private plane is just the opposite, it is not available to the public.

Commercial accidents often involve large commercial airline companies with a fleet of lawyers specializing in aviation law. Do not approach this situation lightly. Whether you were involved in a plane crash because you were flying on the plane or involved in a plane crash because you were on the ground and were injured by a plane that crashed, you should contact an aviation accident lawyer as soon as possible. If have a loved one that was injured in an aviation accident, but that loved one cannot contact an attorney, you should contact an aviation accident lawyer on behalf of your loved one.

Aviation accidents are extremely serious. The potential for injury and even wrongful death is great. Do not assume the commercial aviation company, the private plane owner or operator, or even any insurance companies involved have your best interest in mind following an accident. Only your personal aviation accident attorney will advocate for your best interests.

An airplane accident lawyer has experience in representing those who have been injured in or suffered a wrongful death as a result of an airplane accident. There are aviation laws that airlines, pilots and airline staff must abide by. If you were hurt or a loved one suffered a wrongful death because of negligent actions of an airline, pilot or crew, you may be entitled to compensation.Many flyers believe that outside of a major plane crash, the risk for an airplane injury is minimal. This is not true. Some of the most common injuries in airplanes result from luggage or items falling out of the overhead compartments onto passengers. This can happen through turbulence, faulty bins, or airline employee negligence.Other common injuries involve the rolling carts used by airline employees to deliver drinks and meals. These heavy and bulky carts can easily roll into a passenger, causing major injury. Again, these injuries can occur as the result of airline employee negligence, often because he or she did not secure the cart properly or carelessly pushed it down the aisle.If you are involved in an airplane accident, visit a health care professional to be checked out. Some injuries manifest themselves over time. As soon as you receive a diagnosis from your health care professional, contact an airplane accident lawyer.


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