Potential Major Changes in Updated Draft Pre-Sub Guidance

By Allyson B. Mullen — By far one of CDRH’s greatest recent successes has been the Pre-Submission program. In our experience, more companies have been engaging early and often with the Agency to discuss product-related regulatory issues and questions. Under the Food and Drug Administration Reauthorization Act and the MDUFA IV Commitment Letter, certain changes were made to the Pre-Submission program. Most of these were minor timing changes, which were implemented in FDA’s revision to the Pre-Submission guidance issued in September 2017 (see our earlier post here). The MDUFA IV Commitment Letter indicated that CDRH would issue a revised draft of the Pre-Submission guidance before October 1, 2018. Well ahead of schedule, FDA released a revised Pre-Submission draft guidance on June 7, 2018 (see draft here). We were a bit surprised about by the fact that the new draft guidance was a complete rewrite of its current version because the changes directed in the MDUFA…

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