Passengers Now Calling Directly From the Cruise Ship After Accident

Perhaps passengers are becoming more aware of their rights? Perhaps they’re scared of making a bad decision? Perhaps they’ve read too many stories on CNN or on social media about people falling off cruise ships and having to be rescued or a woman falling from a balcony and dying. Whatever the reason, we’re finding that more passengers who were involved in an accident are calling our office while they are still on the cruise. Why are they calling directly from the cruise ship? They’re calling because they’re hurt, they’re afraid of making a wrong decision that could impact their ability to potentially sue the cruise line. They may call immediately after the accident. They may call after they’ve been attended to by cruise ship medical personnel. They may call because they realize that what started out as a relaxing vacation has ended up in tragedy. They want to know what their next move should be As we outlined in a past article –…

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