Passenger Medevac & Crew Suicide Mar Celebrity Eclipse Cruise

Yesterday, we discussed the latest overboard from a Celebrity cruise ship, this time involving a 31 year old Filipino on the Eclipse who by all accounts committed suicide by climbing a rail and jumping into the English Channel. While some people may be inclined to say oh,a suicide end of the story, my thought is that an investigation is warranted to study the significant number of crewmembers who decide to end their life in this manner. Is there a correlation between the long hours and difficult working conditions of "ship life" and crew suicides? There are a number of interesting comments posted on line about this sad incident, which apparently occurred shortly after an ill passenger was medevaced from the Eclipse. A medevac of an ill passenger and a crew suicide is not how you want to remember a family cruise holiday. One post links to Ship Finder which charted the cruise ship altering course and returning to the location where the crewmember went overboard. It looks like the Eclipse may have originally altered course to sail closer to France to meet the helicopter involved in the passenger medical evacuation. Image credit: Lee Armstrong via Pinkfroot

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