Pass the Zadroga Bill

Congress must act, and act now, to right a serious wrong. Almost ten years ago, nineteen terrorists hijacked four airliners and murdered thousands of Americans. The very best of our citizens responded running toward the danger at ground zero. Many lost their lives that day. Others have lost their health, their welfare and are slowly and painfully losing their lives. After the disaster, Congress acted quickly to protect the aviation industry which was in dire trouble because of the attacks and the industry's general weakness at the time. Among other protections, Congress capped the liability of the aviation industry, including airlines and security companies, to whatever insurance they carried. Congress also set up a victims compensation fund, which ultimately provided much needed compensation to the families of the murdered. The compensation, although limited, provided financial security that was critically needed by the victims' families. Setting up the victim compensation fund was the right thing to do and in a real way helped heal our nation after the horrible attacks. Imagine what it would have been like if we had turned our back on the victims' families. The suffering 9/11 first responders need our help. Congress needs to pass the Zadroga bill, which will provide critical medical benefits and compensations to the 9/11 responders, who were not covered by the first victim compensation fund. Passing the bill sends a message to the world that we have not forgotten the victims of 9/11, those that died that day and those that are dying today from illnesses contracted during heroic efforts. Congress needs to pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act and should do it before Christmas.

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