Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

The following tips can help divorced parents work better together in matters pertaining to their children:

  • Try to make your dealings with your childs other parent as pleasant as you can — even if he or she doesnt.
  • If your ex knows how to get under your skin and uses this knowledge unfairly, resolve to keep your cool anyway.
  • Bring a friend with you when you have to see your ex in person, as the mere presence of another person often calms the mood.
  • Dont hang on to old resentments, especially when your children are present.
  • Take time to calm down and remind yourself that the remaining connection to your ex is solely about the welfare of your children.
  • Bite your tongue when you are tempted to speak ill of your ex in front of the kids.
  • Talk to your ex about how to handle discipline, school projects, health-care matters, extracurricular activities and other situations you both need to have input on.

Source:  "After Divorce, Take Steps to Smooth Parenting Issues" by Doreen Nagle, published in The Indianapolis Star.

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