Parental Alienation shared an article about 10 Facts About Parental Alienation. Since alienation is something that many divorced parents struggle with, this is an important article. In the article, Dr. Amy Baker, a highly respected researcher in the field of parental alienation and the author of the seminal book "Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome", shared 10 facts about parental alienation she discovered in her research: Fathers can be alienating parents. Non-custodial parents can be alienating parents. PAS can occur in intact families. Alienation is not fully internalized even by the most rejecting child. PAS involves multiple losses including extended families. Many alienating parents have physically and sexually abused their children. Alienating parents act like cult figures where they stunt the critical thinking capacities of their children. Long-term effects of PAS include low self-esteem, depression, trust issues, high rates of divorce, drug abuse, low achievement and intergenerational cycle of PAS. Alienating parents tend to have personality disorders such as narcissism and borderline personality. No generalizations can be made regarding event trigger or catalyst for realization of PAS as an adult. In conclusion, Dr. Baker advised targeted parents not to take the rejection personally. One needs to maintain the highest standards possible. You must separate the message from the messenger. Respond in a way not too passive but not too reactive. For parents who still have contact with their child, have empathy for the child. The child is being manipulated. Also, be different from the PAS message. For those who no longer have contact, never give up hope nor give up on your child.

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