Parent Violated Arizona Order of Protection with Domestic Violence By Video Chat

In 2015, the Arizona court entered an order of protection preventing contact and threats or acts of domestic violence by defendant-parent against the custodial parent. Before that order expired, the victim petitioned for a 2016 ex parte order of protection. Upon hearing the petition, defendant was found to have violated the 2015 order by act of domestic violence in contacting the victim via online chat session. This violation formed the basis of the 2016 protective order. Affirmed on appeal. Parent violated Arizona order of protection with domestic violence by video chat Arpita Shah v. Purvin Vakharwala (Ariz. Ct. App. January 11, 2018) In 2015, the parties were divorced in the State of Georgia. As the father, Vakharwala was awarded parenting time with their minor child. Later that year, Shah relocated to Arizona with her son. In November 2015, she obtained an Arizona order of protection against her former spouse who had remained in Georgia. The protective order prohibited…

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