Paid for My Mistakes

I was caught shop lifting with my cousin when I was 23. We were both charged with each others items making it a felony offense. When we were caught we tried to run. Because we ran we also got charged with two assaults on the security personnel, even though I did not assault anyone. I was facing a felony so I plead guilty to retail second degree and one assult becasue I was so scared of the felony. My lawyer told me not to worry, that I could have one misdemeanor expunged in 5 years and it would be in my best interest to take the deal. Five years later, I am now a mother and have earned my Bachelor's degree, but I can not find employment anywhere because I have a record. I have paid my debt to society and have learned a life long lesson and looks like I will pay for it for a life time as well. I thought I could file to have at least one of these offenses expunged but as I was looking into the laws, I do not qualify because I have two misdemeanors, even though it happened on the same date and time, it was on the same case, but considered two separate convictions. Now that Michigan is passing a new expungement law, I thought for sure I was going to finally be able to expunge my record, until I looked further into it and it states that you had to be 21 or younger when they occurred. I am not sure if I fit in a loop hole now to get at least one conviction expunged? I sure hope so, but things do not look too promising for me. I have a bachelor's degree and want to go further with my education, but what's the point if no one will hire me? I have applied to hundreds of positions that I am qualified for, but I do not stand a change with two misdemeanors on my record. I just keep putting in applications and hope that I come across an understanding company that knows that people do make mistakes and learn and grow from them.

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