SJC Hears Oral Arguments over Request for Records of Show Cause Hearings

Massachusetts has a unique system for certain criminal complaints, where both a police officer or private individual can apply for a criminal complaint and a clerk magistrate will decide whether there is probable cause for a criminal complaint to be issued. This process is available for most misdemeanor crimes and some felony crimes where an individual has not been arrested. A hearing before a clerk magistrate—also known as a “show cause” hearing—serves an important function in the Massachusetts criminal justice system because it screens out certain potential complaints at an early stage without creating a criminal record for the accused. If the clerk magistrate does not find probable cause, the clerk magistrate will not issue a criminal complaint. If the clerk magistrate finds probable cause, he or she can either issue a criminal complaint or exercise discretion and decide not to issue a complaint.  Over the…

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Man Sentenced for Loan Fraud

Mortgage Fraud Blog. Richard Earl Jeffcoat, 52, Pelion, South Carolina was sentenced today to six months in federal prison and six months of home confinement after pleading guilty to Conspiring to Commit Bank Fraud. Facts presented in court established that Jeffcoat is an accountant who was producing false documentation in support of loan applications and giving that information […] The post Man Sentenced for Loan Fraud appeared first on Mortgage Fraud Blog.

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Recent African e-Commerce IPO Draws Securities Lawsuit

One of the more interesting developments in the financial markets this year has been the number of so-called “unicorns” that have completed their IPOs. Among others, Uber, Lyft and Instagram made their debut in recent weeks. Some of these companies have stumbled as they began trading, and indeed some have already been sued in securities class action lawsuits (as I noted here with respect to Lyft). Among the companies completing IPOs in recent weeks is Jumia Technologies AG, an African e-commerce platform that has been called Africa’s first unicorn, whose American Depositary Shares began trading on the NYSE on April 12, 2019. Even though Jumia’s securities have been trading barely a month, the company has been hit with a securities lawsuit, following a short-seller’s report about the company.   Background Jumia is based in Berlin, Germany. Jumia conducts an e-commerce platform that delivers services in 14 African countries. Among other things,…

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Conclusiones del defensor en juicio de materia penal

PROCESO No. ____ C. JUEZ ______ EN MATERIA PENAL PRESENTE Lics. _____________________, y _________________, con el carácter de defensores particulares de los procesados Sr. ______________________, Sr. _______________________ y Sr. _____________________________, promoviendo en el expediente cuyo número se indica en la parte superior de este escrito, ante Usted con el debido respeto comparecemos a; EXPONER Nos presentamos en los términos del Artículo del Procedimiento Penal para el ___________ a dar contestación a las conclusiones acusatorias formuladas por la Representación Social y ratificadas por el C. Procurador General de Justicia en el Estado según consta en escrito de fecha ___ de ____ del presente año; para ese efecto formulamos ante Usted las siguientes: CONCLUSIONES 1. No se encuentra acreditado a juicio de esta defensa, el cuerpo del delito de _______, previsto y sancionado por el Artículo ____ del…

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