PADEP UECA Covenant Registry Now On Line

I received an email notification earlier today that PADEP's UECA Covenant Registry is now up and running on line. The notification read as follows: The Pennsylvania Activity and Use Limitations Registry (PA AUL) is now available online. The PA AUL fulfills PA DEP's obligation to track environmental covenants as required by Pennsylvania's Uniform Environmental Covenants Act (Act 68 of 2007) where engineering or institutional controls are necessary to demonstrate or assure maintenance of an Act 2 remediation standard. The PA AUL Registry also tracks other mechanisms that may impose an activity and use limitation on a property other than an environmental covenant. The registry utilizes GIS mapping technology and provides the user with a multitude of methods to search for sites that have an activity and use limitation requirement for the subject property. In addition to mapping the project site, the website also provides the user with access to electronic files where the user may view the environmental covenant, Consent Order & Agreement, Administrative Orders or other mechanism that may be providing use limitations on the property. Directions on how to effectively utilize the registry may be found under "Show Getting Started with PA AUL Registry" at the link provided below. DEP's Land Recycling Program will be maintaining the PA AUL and addressing any problems or errors which may arise during the early release period. Beyond this period, DEP may make occasional changes/updates in order for the registry to better serve the needs of the public and the Department. Any questions or problems noted on the PA AUL should be e-mailed directly to . The link for the registry is as follows: UECA required that PADEP maintain an on-line registry. Up until now, you could find the UECA covenants on PADEP's UECA webpage, but there were very few search capabilities. The new registry is a significant improvement. You can search it by street address, municipality, county, site ID, facility name, tax parcel and zip code. I took a test drive and plugged in the street addresses for some of my sites and they popped up. I also punched in the names of some municipalities and counties and multiple covenants came up, each ready to be clicked and reviewed. The beauty of the new registry is that it will allow remediators to find out if there are UECA covenants already in place on the same street, in the same neighborhood, or in the same municipality and to see what activity and use limitations were imposed. One would expect that in similar circumstances, the Department's regional ECP office would be looking for similar language. In that sense, the registry will help function as a reality check and as guidance for others looking to see what language is likely to be called for, including those subject to the conversion requirement which requires all engineering and institutional controls now imposed by deed restrictions to be converted to UECA covenants in 2013. I would encourage others to take a test drive of PADEP's new Activity and Use Limitations Registry. It's free.

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