Overcome Alice by Talking up Technical Benefits

Patent claims directed to dynamically generating and providing an applet to a client from a server should survive Rule 12(b)(6) motions to dismiss, says an Eastern District of Texas Magistrate Judge. Dynamic Applet Technologies, LLC v. Mattress Firm, Inc., Civil Action Nos. 4:17-CV-860, 861, 862, 878ALM-KPJ  (E.D. Texas August 29, 2018). US Patent No. 6,446,111is directed to “client-server communication using a limited capability client over a low-speed communications link.” Independent claim 17 of the ’111 patent recites: 17. A method of processing data comprising: receiving a data request from a client device at a server system over a communications link; collecting on the server a plurality of data items in response to the data request; generating an executable applet dynamically in response to the data request, a constituent system associated with the applet including a subset of the data items therein as pre-loaded values; wherein a further…

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