Oregon May Soon Tighten its Wine Law for Wines Produced or Bottled in Other States

A bill was introduced to the Oregon Senate last week which proposes to amend several sections of the Oregon Revised Statutes, namely ORS 471.445 and ORS 471.446. The Senate Bill, SB 111-1, proposes significants changes to the Oregon Revised Statutes with respect to wine labeling, many of which will directly impact wineries located in other states who source bulk grapes, juice, or wine from Oregon and fully finish or bottle or package the wine outside of Oregon. ORS 471.445 currently speaks to using misleading marks or labels on a container and forbids an industry member licensed under Chapter 471 of the Oregon Revised Statutes from using such marks or labels in “any way might deceive any customer as to the nature, composition, quantity, age or quality of such liquor.” ORS 471.445(1). SB 111-1 proposes several language changes to ORS 471.445 but also adds the following provision to ORS 471.445(1): In addition, a licensee may…

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