Orange County Divorce: Daniel Baldwin calls off Divorce

In an earlier post I blogged about Daniel Baldwin's divorce from his estranged wife after she threatened to kill him. Now, the latest news reports that Baldwin has "rescinded" his divorce petition and request for a restraining order. Baldwin's wife, Joanne, was quoted as stating: "We have a lot of work to do in our marriage and a lot of healing to do. I don't know what the end result will be." Despite calling off the divorce and restraining order, Joanne Baldwin is still living separately from Daniel and they have joint custody of their daughters, 3-year-old Avis and 1-year-old Finley. Daniel filed for divorce in July, a day after he filed a restraining order against her and had her removed from the Oregon house where the coupled lived with their two children. From an Orange County divorce lawyer's perspective, if the parties decide to reconcile, they can file a Request for Dismissal, dismissing the divorce action in its entirety. Since California is a no-fault divorce State, either party may divorce the other party regardless of fault. On the same note, either party may file a dismissal request if they decide they do not want to continue on with the divorce and reconcile. Either way, if you are contemplating divorce, its important that you obtain a reputable Orange County divorce lawyer to work in your corner. An attorney that is aggressive and competent in California divorce law will get you the results you want. Contact an Orange County divorce lawyer today. Source: Daniel Baldwin Shocker: Rescinds Divorce, Throat-Slitting Accusations Against Wife

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  1. Sarah says:

    cAN i FILE A CLAIM FOR MYY EX’S RETIREMENT PAY OR DO i HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE COURTS WHO GRANTED MY DIVORCE. oR CAN i USE ANY STATES COURTS.I WAS MARRIED FOR 20 YEARS TO A MAN WHO ABUSED ME JUST PRIOR TO OUR DIVORCE AND TOLD ME THAT IF HE LOST MY RETIREMENT I WOULD GET NOTHING.THE ALABAMA JUDGE LISTED IT AS ALIMONYDUEE TO ALABAMA LAW I LOST IT IN 1006 BECAUSE i used a po boxas my mailading address and my iacnfe used the same po box. It was a very small town with limadited po boxes so i had no choicei am now legally blind.… do i get his retireadments pay. He hit me in the face with a wall phone as he was leavading. He didn’t even tell me he was leavading thea0area.please help ‚e////I worked very litadtle while a miladiadtary wife and am entiadtled to half of his retirement.

  2. Kennedy says:

    With the availablity of itnfrmaoion on the internet the option to have a “do it yourself divorce” may be very appealing to some people. There are many websites on the internet that provide “divorce kits” that allow a person to complete their own “uncontested divorce.” However, an attorney can be an invaluable tool during the divorce process and can obviously provide options, knowledge and interaction that a divorce kit can not.One such example is when a husband and wife have children. If children are involved then there are many issues that need to be covered in a divorce decree. These issues range from rights and duties of parents and possession schedules to child support and health insurance. To add to the level of complexity, all states are different when it comes to issues surrounding children. Most “divorce kits” found on the internet are just general forms and are not state specific. An attorney can explain the relevant statutes in that state regarding custody, the rights assigned to parents and how child support is calculated.Another complication is that laws in each state are subject to change. A lawyer’s duty is to stay on top of all the changes in the law and advise a client how the law will affect their case and it’s outcome. Another issue is that not all states calculate a person’s child support obligation the same way. A lawyer will calculate a person’s child support obligation and make sure that their client does not pay above or below guideline support.Each state has some form of a Standard Possession Schedule. Sometimes a state’s Standard Possession Schedule is not conducive to a person’s work schedule. An attorney can provide alternate possession schedules that will allow a person to spend the same amount of time with their children as a state’s Standard Possession Schedule provides. An attorney can assess what issues may arise after a divorce is finalized. With this in mind, an attorney can structure a final decree that will protect a person when issues arise post divorce. Even though a divorce may begin as “uncontested,” it can quickly become litigious. Should this happen, an attorney can provide insight as to the court’s policies and procedures.No matter how many or few issues each divorce may have, an attorney’s role and the benefit he or she provides a person and their children should not be underestimated.

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