Orange County Divorce and Credit: Some Words of Warning

An excellent article published earlier this month by Fox Business News outlines some of the pitfalls that dissolving a marriage holds for one's credit rating. The article makes several points that anyone contemplating an Orange County divorce would be well-advised to keep in mind. First and foremost – and, it must also be said, unfortunately – it pays to be a bit wary of your soon-to-be-ex while going through the divorce process. "People do unpredictable things during emotional times," the article notes, citing a credit counselor. It goes on to describe a woman whose husband apparently ruined her credit on purpose by failing to honor a number of bills he had promised to pay. From the perspective of an Orange County family law attorney, this is a reminder of why care and caution are always important. If a couple holds joint credit cards or other accounts it is critical that there be a written understanding of who will become responsible for what, and equally critical that each party prove to the other that its joint credit obligations have been met. Changing the names on everything from utility bills to in-store loyalty cards can be a surprisingly lengthy and frustrating process. The sooner it begins – and the more carefully each party monitors it – the smoother it is likely to be. This is one of the aspects of divorce and the separation of assets where you might not think about your Orange County divorce lawyer, despite the fact that he or she can play a critical role. Drawing up legal documents in a careful and thorough manner, and then ensuring that both parties keep up their respective ends of the agreement is one of the most important services attorneys can offer clients. With it can come peace of mind during an otherwise chaotic and emotional time. Fox Business: How to protect your credit during Divorce

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  1. Christian says:

    The best form of divorce in India for Hindu/Christian/Civil mriarages for the time being is Divorce by mutual consent where both husband wife file joint petition for divorce in the Family Court of the district where they both reside or their marriage was solemnized.The process of divorce by mutual consent is quite simple but require their personal presence in the Family court twice, firstly when they file such joint petition although through their lawyer(s) and their joint statement get recorded, this is the first motion.After six months the statutory time as provided under the various matrimonial Acts for above mentioned form of mriarages, second motion takes place when once again both of them appear and record their joint statement,followed by the Family judge inquiring from them issues being settled by them such as custody of child, permanent alimony and maintenance, settlement of joint properties, return of Stridhan to wife etc, on being satisfied all such issues have been settled between them by their free and wilful consent and same exist for the dissolution of marriage, the order for such dissolution is made then and there itself followed by drawing of decree of divorce the certified copy of which they both apply and get for use in future.In case there is no settlement between them for divorce by mutual consent, than a longer process by filling unilateral divorce against the other can be taken whose detailed discussion is not possible here in this forum.

  2. yess says:

    nothing worth having iunlndicg legal advice is not free. Your local child support offices could possibly help you. I would suggest quit looking for the FREE and concentrate on a good Family Law lawyer to help you with your dilema. You’ll find the dudes in the FREE suits are exactly worth what you paid them FREE $$$$$ inadequate lawyering you’ll find they don’t give a rats tail.References :

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