Ontario Residents Injured in the United States by Underinsured Motorists – Threshold and Deductible Do Not Apply

Ontario residents that are injured in car accidents while visiting the United States, often find that the at-fault driver did not have adequate auto insurance coverage.  Fortunately, insured Ontario drivers will usually have a claim for underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage from their own auto insurance policy.  This coverage allows an Ontario resident to recover their losses, even where the at-fault driver did not have adequate insurance.  The coverage is available no matter if the accident occurs in Canada or while in the United States.  The interesting point here, is that Ontario residents injured in the US often have greater rights than if injured while home in Ontario.  Anyone that is injured in an auto accident while in Ontario, will usually be subject to Ontario insurance laws that unfairly protect big insurance company profits at the expense of accident victims.  The victim's claim is reduced by nearly $40,000 – a savings to…

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