Although it is not unheard of for police officers to be arrested for driving under the influence, it is uncommon for them to be arrested for driving under the influence while on duty. It is reported Florida State Trooper Lisa Orshowitz was taken into custody after she hit a curb and blew out the tire of her patrol car. It is alleged the trooper had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, was uneasy on her feet and failed her sobriety tests. Most of us understand police officers are human beings and, as such, make mistakes. There are many instances of police officers being arrested for DUI while off duty. This is more common nowadays because, even though there is still a "good old boy" mentality in many police departments, fewer officers are willing to let another officer walk for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the evolution of law enforcement in America. I believe police officers now are better trained than ever before and this training is reflected in the attitude they exhibit in their profession. While many older police officers were not so interested in the civil rights of citizens they encountered on patrol, this may be somewhat different now because officers are instructed that with the proliferation of video cameras and large verdicts against misbehaving officers, they could be held responsible for any malfeasance they exhibit. To let a drunken individual drive home only because he/she is a police officer not only endangers society as a whole, it also endangers the career of any police officer who allowed him/her to do so. Finally, there is a basic issue of character in this type of case. Whereas a police officer arrested for a DUI off duty should be subjected to the same fines and penalties as any other citizen, it speaks volumes about the character of an officer who cites and arrests citizens for crimes all the while committing them herself!

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