Old narratives die hard

A Russian criminal court sentenced former OAO Yukos chairman and CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky to another seven years in prison last week. As if on cue, the mainstream U.S. media reported on the event as a reflection of the capricious and arbitrary nature of the Russian legal system. We really are better than those corrupt Russians, aren't we? Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to neglect — and often promotes — similar mistreatment and persecution of business executives in the U.S. I mean, really. Would R. Allen Stanford fare much worse in a Russian prison than he has in U.S. jails? And to that the unnecessary and shameful criminalization of large segments of American society in other respects and you start wondering whether those writing for the mainstream media have any idea of what is going on in their own backyards? Yeah, Russian criminal justice system is corrupt. The U.S. system is far superior. Old narratives die hard.

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