Nine Takeaways From the Inspector General’s Report on the Clinton Email Investigation

It is perhaps not a surprise that the Justice Department inspector general’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation quickly became, for all sides, vindication for the narratives they already believed. For Republicans seeking to discredit the Russia investigation, the report is all about text exchanges in which certain FBI employees exhibited inappropriate hostility and political opposition to then-candidate Donald Trump: In reviewing this report it is clear the FBI and DOJ withheld relevant text communications between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. The House Judiciary Committee intends to issue a subpoena to Peter Strzok to compel his testimony before the Committees. #IGReport — House Judiciary ⚖ (@HouseJudiciary) June 14, 2018 For Hillary Clinton’s camp, the report proves that the FBI—and James Comey, in particular—cost their candidate the election: Director Comey’s mishandling of the publicity around the…

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